Teacher Bios


Hello my name is Erin Guntis and I love yoga.
I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 10 years and have the following training:
– RYT-200 in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga
– 200 hour training in Bikram Yoga
– Level 1 Qigong instructor
– LMT- 1200 hour Body Therapy Program
– Sound Healing
Yoga is a practice of gathering, sharing, encouraging positive change, and seeing the best in ourselves and others.
Yoga is for everybody.
My classes focus on detailed instruction while being lighthearted, playful and challenging.  I strive to create a safe place to be yourself, listen to your body and maybe try something new. My goal is for you to leave class feeling relaxed and happy you came.
Come practice with me, Namaste.



Mary Beth Bender is a registered 500 hour yoga educator who began practicing yoga and mindfulness nearly 20 years ago. She is a creative spirit currently living  in Charlotte, NC. She founded Twist Kids Yoga, a children’s yoga school where she teaches yoga to small children and trains adult to teach. In addition, She is also an astrologer and teaches yogastrology(r) inspired classes. She believes that yoga is for everybody, no matter the shape, size or level of flexibility. She encourages everyone to show up and breathe. Doing this means showing up for life.


Belinthia Elder is a registered dietitian, yoga teacher, and avid soulshine enthusiast. As a self proclaimed bliss seeker, she is forever on a lifelong quest for beauty, love, and truth in every breath. She received her 200 hr RYT training from Inlet Yoga in Murrells Inlet, SC in February 2014. Belinthia is a mama bear and a loving wife and if she’s not on her mat, you can find her enjoying wine or coffee and lounging in her PJ’s devouring a good read. She will be starting her 500hour training at Inlet Yoga in the summer of 2017 with Beryl Bender Birch, the founder of Power Yoga. Her yoga practice has been an anchor during both the high and low seasons of her life. Belinthia believes that a yoga practice constantly showers you with blessings, truth and grace, and invites you to live life with a heart wide open. Her intention with each class is to inspire the journey of self discovery with the union of breath,  body, mind and soul.



Over 20 years ago, at the Phoenix and Dragon new age shop in Atlanta, I had a psychic tell me that, “I would someday be working in a field that everyone needed but did not realize they needed.” At the time, I had just graduated from college with a degree in Journalism, was a newlywed and about to move to the armpit of Texas while my husband began pilot training. I pondered over this “job” assuming it was something in technology – maybe some new development or cutting edge business. Who knew it was going to turn out to be one of the oldest systems for well being known to man! In the store I was drawn to a ring that had a symbol on it that I had never seen before. It was the OM symbol, and though I didn’t know what it meant, I bought it and wore it nonetheless because I liked the look and feel of it. I do not believe that any of this was coincidental. I have been wearing that ring ever since.

Flash forward to 1997. My husband and I were living in Germany, at a time when my life revolved around travel and fast times. I have always been a bit wild! In my teens and beyond, I loved to party with my friends, smoke cigarettes socially, drink too much, eat junk food and sweets, and stay out way too late. After about a decade plus of this behavior pattern, I realized that a part of me continued to feel empty inside, no matter how many friends I had or how much fun I was having. I self-soothed with negative behaviors that often left my body and mind spinning the next day. I was thirsting for something more. My body, mind and soul needed true nourishment.

Fortunately, my husband (and my guru in many ways!), reminded me of the benefits of yoga and meditation, so I decided to give it a try. When we first started dating, he did not own a TV, practiced yoga, was a vegetarian and meditated regularly. He was the most calm and spiritually in tune person I knew. At that time he was the perfect partner to balance my untamed energy.

I began practicing with a video in our living room and after polishing some tough poses and learning how to breathe (for the first time in my life!), my body and mind craved more. I found a yoga studio in nearby Luxembourg that taught classes in English, and from then on, I was hooked! Within two years of beginning my practice, I began to turn my life around. The wild child was still there, but I began to grow in ways that I can only attribute to my yoga practice. Then we had our son, Jaxon, and the challenges of motherhood were a roller coaster ride. But inside, I found a place of strength and solace that helped to see me through the tough times and value the beauty of present living. Eleven years after his birth, I was riding a trauma coaster, this one called Divorce. I thought I would die from the pain and the loneliness, but yoga was my salve and my salvation. It brought me back from the rim of hell once again to the land of living and THRIVING. But I have jumped ahead slightly…

Once we moved back to the States, I purchased a gym membership that included yoga. Never before had I voluntarily gotten up at 8 am on a Saturday to exercise, but yoga reeled me in. One day, my yoga teacher took me aside and encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. I loved yoga. It inspired me, and I wanted to help others begin their journey, so I took her advice and began my teacher training.

Another two years later, I was a certified yoga teacher and began teaching classes at churches, schools, gyms – wherever I could find an audience. And then we moved to Camden, SC, where I could not find any yoga. I took some “yoga-lite” stretching classes at a gym, but I missed my teachers. I searched for the food for my soul, and this time I found it inside myself. I recognized the need for a studio in Camden, so, after a lot of prayer, contemplation and planning, Blue Dog Yoga was born!

Here we are many years later, and though Blue Dog Yoga has had some changes and reorganization, it is still a thriving community of yogis and yoginis on a mission to change the world one breath at a time. More and more people are finally realizing that this is the practice that everyone needs! I wish I had that psychic’s name so I could tell her how right she was: I am indeed working in a field that every body, mind and spirit needs! I look forward to sharing this path with you.



Exploding onto the south eastern circus arts scene in 2010 with amazing balance and strength, the husband and wife team of LunaTrix Arts began their journey seeking an exciting activity to experience together. Adrenaline junkies at heart, the couple found circus to be the perfect combination of laughter and challenge. Coaches at the New England Center for Circus Arts, the San Francisco Circus Center, San Diego Circus Center and Pitch Catch School of Acrobatics led the couple through Adagio, Icarian, and Dutch acrobatics studies. In 2013 they co-founded South Carolina based Soda City Cirque, a full length theatrical circus company which teams with non-profit groups to increase social awareness of critical issues facing southern communities.



Hannah Rose Williams is a free spirited yogi with a deep passion for healing. She discovered yoga during her first years of college while she experienced feelings of depression, anxiety and self doubt. She found that yoga helped her relax and become comfortable in her own skin which opened her eyes to seeing the world in a more understanding way. Now she feels called to assist others in discovering their own personal liberation, as she lives by the sentiment that true freedom can only be found within. Her classes are focused on synchronizing the movement of breath and body to cultivate presence in the here and now. Hannah Rose received her Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance in Darjeeling, India. In addition, she offers Reiki therapy and chakra healing energy services.



Cypress Adventures believes humans can become healthier and happier in their personal and working lives by honing foundational interpersonal skills through structured play. Aimee Cox-King has been guiding groups through playful experiences that illuminate personal growth for 12 years. She founded Cypress Adventures, Inc. in Hartsville, South Carolina in 2015 with the mission to “cultivate leadership through personal reflection.”



Wild Earth Herbals has evolved from a small brick and mortar shop in downtown Spartanburg, SC, to an online store that provides traditionally prepared herbal wellness products all over the country. In addition to selling our handcrafted products, we teach private local classes and provide one on one wellness consultations-either via email and phone or in person. We provide affordable herbs and products, emphasizing healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices first. We support local and regional growers, farmers, artisans and plant communities. We believe ecological and economic sustainability is best accomplished through bio-regionalist practices. We honor the plants as teachers and uphold strict ethical standards regarding the harvest and use of herbs.


Lori Jacobsen is a highly experienced teacher, performer, hooper, and yogini, and she will guide you through a holistic and fun practice that will assist you in feeling great. Lori is a HoopYogini™ Master Trainer and founder of Infinite Circles.



Always a positive and uplifting musical experience, Jahson & The Natty Vibez Band know Reggae music from A to Z! It’s no surprise since most of them have been deeply link to Reggae music and Rasta culture for many years! Jahson Wildes, the founder and frontman for the group, has been a Rasta for many years now and he lives the words and messages within his songs. The band is comprised of 6 members consisting of instruments like guitar, keys, saxophone, trumpet, percussion, drums and bass! With smooth guitar, blazin’ hot horns, and bouncing drum and bass riddims from the Natty Vibez band you can count on them to move any crowd, any time, any place! Their one love message and universal sound transcends boundaries of race, gender, age, and nationality! It’s music to move your body, uplift your soul, and enlighten your mind. The band perform originals off their first two releases as well as classic reggae covers from Marley and Tosh to Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, and more!



Come one, come all for a magical experience you won’t soon forget! Dick Moons, leader of the Columbia Drum circle, will guide us along our rhythmic journey. This is fun for all ages! Current research shows the therapeutic effects of drumming accelerate physical healing, boost the immune system, help control chronic pain, and reduce tension, anxiety, and stress.



Deborah is a long time yoga practitioner and has studied Ashtanga, Anusara, and Amrit yoga methods.  She is a certified Amrit Method Yoga Nidra facilitator.  She is associated with Our Sacred Space Yoga in Hartsville, SC.  She has a devotion to bringing the practice of Yoga Nidra guided meditation to others to help them relax, rejuvenate, and renew.  Off the mat Deborah is a political, environmental and social justice activist.  She works with Pee Dee Group SC Sierra Club and Our Revolution SC.  Deborah lives in Chesterfield, SC.